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Do you notice something off about a tree in your yard? Perhaps a damaged or dead tree is raising the alarm for you. Are you worried about the harm an unhealthy tree could cause to life and property?

If you find yourself nodding along to any of these, you must be dealing with cases of potentially hazardous trees. Don’t panic, though, because we are here to help! 

We believe that trees are akin to our best friends in nature. Wouldn’t you agree? This makes it all the more heart-breaking when they need to be removed due to the need of the hour. We make sure that your tree is given only the best and most fitting farewell with all the right techniques and tools. 

Our certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to recognize when a beloved tree is beyond saving. We take the required steps to ensure that no one is hurt due to the mismanagement of dangerous trees.

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When is Tree Removal Necessary?

While our primary goal is to revitalize and develop trees, sometimes tree removal is extremely necessary. You must already be aware of this fact. Trees that are a liability to people or property should be removed. 

We care about your wellbeing as much as we care about the environment. Our tree removal services revolve around restoring the balance between cohabitating mankind and nature. 

Our team of field experts will review the situation and devise a suitable plan of action. 

Hollow Trunk

Sometimes, trees visibly live on but, in actuality, have hollow trunks. This is because the life support tissues, the xylem, and phloem, are on the outer side of the trunk.

Damaged or Unhealthy Appearance

If you spot abnormal structures, discoloration, and disease in a tree, it is best to contact a tree removal service. Signs of damage include misshapen leaves, dead branch stubs, and vertical cracks. Our professionals will examine the tree, and if it is more than 50% damaged, remove it.

Dead Branches

While some trees can be saved through pruning, if more than 25% of the branches are dead, the tree becomes hazardous. Our experts have the tools and experience to evaluate such trees.

Sprouts & Shoots at the Base

Epicormic shoots are small branches that sprout from the trunk. If you see them or other sprouts near the base, it is an indication that the tree is under severe stress. This calls for a proper survey and diagnosis by a professional. We have your back! 

Growth of Fungi

The growth of fungi near the base of a tree is an indication of rotting roots and internal decay. However, this is not always the case, and only a tree removal expert can determine it.

Other Reasons

There are various other reasons that call for the hard decision to remove trees. If a tree causes great damage to infrastructure, it must be removed. These include interference with power lines, damage to water and gas pipelines, and the roots of trees damaging sidewalks and roadways. 

Why Should You Employ Our Tree Removal Services?

Tree removal is a highly technical process that only the most qualified arborists should undertake. Our tree removal services are rendered by experts with years of experience, knowledge, and all the necessary high-end equipment. 

You need experts with access to suitable equipment so that the process can be carried out safely. We are here for you!

To add to this, we even take care of the tree once it has been brought down. 

The Process of Tree Removal

You will be pleased to know that we operate on the principles of reliability, efficiency, and transparency. Here is a brief outline of the process of tree removal: 

  • First, we clear the area around the tree so that collateral damage can be avoided, and your property remains safe. 
  • Then, our seasoned professionals examine the tree and take note of its characteristics and features. 
  • A plan is devised according to the condition of the tree. If it can be saved, we will take the necessary actions to preserve it. 
  • Following this, our team of arborists gets to work with cutting-edge technology and equipment in this field. 
  • We use our tried and tested method to bring the tree down, chop it into logs, shave off the brush and grind the stumps as close to the ground as possible

Voila! You will then have a dicey situation perfectly taken care of. 

Hire Us to Know The Difference

Our methods of tree removal have been tried and tested. We offer only the best and most reliable services. 

Our team of expert arborists regards tree removal as not simply a service, but an art. We assure you that once you bring your troubles over to us, we will do all we can to solve them! 

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